SolusVPN is a user-friendly and efficient solution for businesses and individuals to establish their own VPN network within minutes. Capable of supporting up to 100 connections, we simplify the process of setting up a VPN gateway, providing enhanced privacy and security for all connected devices.

Why use a VPN?

Privacy, Security, Performance

Are you looking to keep your online activity private and secure? A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the answer. Our VPN service uses military grade encryption to protect your traffic and keep it private. With a VPN, you can trust that your internet activity is secure and your data is protected. Don't compromise on your online privacy - choose our VPN service today and enjoy the benefits of a secure and private internet connection.



Protect your online activity from your ISP's snooping.
Keep your traffic fully encrypted on public WiFi.
Prevent apps from collecting behavioral data from a single IP address.
Enjoy a zero logging policy on both the client and server side.
Protect your privacy with servers that are destroyed after use.
Hide your physical address.
Use our VPN service with the TOR network for even more protection.



Enjoy unrestricted access to content from around the world.
Use our VPN service on any device.
Bypass geolocation restrictions and access content that may not be available in your region.
Trust in the security and reliability of a service built on open source software.
Play games and access content without restrictions.



Get unlimited bandwidth with your own dedicated, private VPN servers.
Enjoy exclusive access to your server - no one else will have access.
Our VPN is suitable for gaming, streaming, and general internet use.
Dedicated bandwith ensures you get the fastest speeds.
Don't compromise on performance - choose our high-quality VPN service.

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Security for All

Our mission at SolusVPN is to protect your privacy online.


Elevate your online security with SolusVPN's customisable VPN server.
No more limited options and standard VPN services, just personalisation and control for a superior online experience.
Our service offers open-source software for unparalleled privacy and security. Launch your own VPN server in the location of your choice and set a filter policy that fits your needs. Whether you're a small business or a family, our unique service is tailored to meet your requirements and protect your online activity. With SolusVPN, you'll enjoy a seamless internet experience with the added peace of mind that comes with having your own personal VPN server. Get started now and take control of your online privacy.

Choose from the following filter policies:

  • Family Safe Filter
  • Adult Filter
  • Adblock only Filter
  • Default policy (blocks known malware sites)