Create Your Own VPN Server

Creating and hosting your own VPN can be a complex and challenging task. SolusVPN aims to make this process as easy and hassle-free as possible by offering a streamlined service that allows you to create and customize your own VPN server within minutes.

  • Our VPN servers are built to your specific requirements and are launched using the most widely used and secure open-source VPN technologies, WireGuard and OpenVPN.
  • You can choose the location of your server
  • Select filtering options that best suit your needs. | For Families we recommend the family safe filter.
  • Your VPN server will be built to your requirements within minutes.
  • With the ability to connect up to 100 devices, SolusVPN is perfect for small businesses or families looking to secure their devices.
However, creating and hosting your own VPN can still present challenges, such as:
  • Technical knowledge: Setting up a VPN server requires a certain level of technical knowledge, including an understanding of networking concepts and experience with server administration.
  • Hardware and software: You will need to have a server or a computer with a stable internet connection to host the VPN server. You will also need to install and configure VPN software on the server.
  • Security: A VPN server needs to be configured securely to protect your data and your users' data. This includes setting up firewalls, implementing access controls and monitoring the server for potential security breaches.
SolusVPN can help by providing an easy-to-use platform that handles all of the complex technical aspects of creating and hosting a VPN, leaving you free to enjoy the internet safely.

How To Create/Launch Your VPN Server

Creating your VPN Server with SolusVPN is simple.
Click on SolusVPN Connect | Account and Subscription Required.
SolusVPN offer a 1 day risk-free trial, applied at checkout. Cancel anytime.

  • Select a Location to launch your VPN server.
  • Choose an appropriate Filter Level (if any) to apply to your server
  • Launch!
  • Your dedicated VPN server will be up and running within minutes
Custom Filter Policy Options:
  • Default Malware Filtering
  • Family Safe Content Filtering
  • Adult Content Filtering
  • Security Only Filtering
  • Ad-block Only

How To Connect To Your VPN Server Now your server is ready, you can connect to your server using 3 methods:
  • Wireguard: Download the Wireguard configuration and import it to your Wireguard client.
  • OpenVPN: Download the OpenVPN configuration and import it to your OpenVPN client.
  • Mobile Devices: Show the QR code to import the wireguard configuration to your device. | This is the easiest way to connect your device.
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